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About Home Plate Entertainment

Home Plate Entertainment helps creators and brand owners to bring their worthwhile stories to a global audience.


Founded in 2010 veteran animation, producer studio executive with more than 25 years of experience, Home Plate Entertainment was launched based on a simple philosophy.


It takes passion and vision at scale to compete as an independent in a high stakes marketplace, dominated by vertically integrated Studios.  Home Plate brings that kind of passion and vision to every engagement undertaken.  This is based on a business paradigm that is marked by flexibility, shared risk, and reward, and collaboration.  The studio is well positioned to offer a range of top-level development, Production, finance, executive producing and right on through distribution and exploitation services to his partners and clients on an as needed basis.

Scaling the team to suit the needs of the clients and partners, Home Plate Entertainment guarantees, the same level of passion and vision. Bill has brought to an impressive track record of creator, driven, marquis value, pre-sold, and legacy franchise properties throughout his entire career.  The studio thrives on a hands-on developmental delivery, knowledge of blue-chip content, creation, as well as key knowledge of production, finance, packaging, and sales oriented distribution experience. This bespoke integrated approach brings the global scale to the studio’s partners and clients.

With Schultz at the helm, having founded and run Studios studio pipelines for as many as 10 series in production. At one time, HPE‘s clients can be assured of first class execution.

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An HPE consultation contract  allows the Client to maintain its own or other facilities for execution but still get the benefit of the deep knowledge, experience and contacts of HPE while utilizing many more of its own resources.

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